Mr. Jaffar Bin Hassan

“Our estate was financially struggling when we decided to engage PPMC to be the managing agent way back in 2011. Since their appointment, they have, through their resources, achieved operating costs savings and helped us reduce our budget deficit. This effort did not compromise the standard of services rendered. We witnessed an improvement in service standard since they assumed the job as our managing agent.”

Mark Edleson

“As a Management Council member, Treasurer and Chairperson (for the past 5 years) of the MCST at The Ladyhill for over 15 years, I have had the pleasure to work with PropNex Property Management since 2008. The company has been a great asset for our condominium providing us with a very competent and professional Estate Manager. The Manager has been very well supported administratively, financially and personally by the PropNex corporate support team. This strong management team has worked closely and collaboratively with the Council to keep the Estate in good repair, good spirit and reasonably strong valuation over the years. Their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience has been of great value to the MCST Council and The Ladyhill.”

Property Maintenance Services

  • Management and execution of regular and planned preventive maintenance programmes
  • General administration and accounting functions
  • Financial management
  • Effective management and feedback systems
  • Structured tender and contract process documentation
  • Organisation and execution of performance service schemes for general maintenance services
  • Evaluation processes for performance of service providers
  • Management and audit of stock control of consumable items
  • Implementation of packaged technical services
  • Supervision and coordination of contractors
  • Effective operational cost solutions
  • 24/7 emergency call service
  • Customer care and service quality audit

Project Management Services

  • Conduct of feasibility study of proposed major addition and/or alteration works
  • Examination of feasible property enhancement out of necessity or for ways to improve property value
  • Coordination with specialists, contractors, consultants and local authorities
  • Tender of preparation and contract administration
  • Project supervision and management
  • Cost management
  • Verification and certification of claims for payment
  • Certification of completed work