Property Maintenance Services
  • Management and execution of regular and planned preventive maintenance programmes
  • General administration and accounting functions
  • Financial management
  • Effective management and feedback systems
  • Structured tender and contract process documentation
  • Organisation and execution of performance service schemes for general maintenance services
  • Evaluation processes for performance of service providers
  • Management and audit of stock control of consumable items
  • Implementation of packaged technical services
  • Supervision and coordination of contractors
  • Effective operational cost solutions
  • 24/7 emergency call service
  • Customer care and service quality audit
M&E and Facility Management Maintenance
  • Planning preventive maintenance programmes
  • Catalogue equipment lifespan
  • Periodic audit of equipment
Communal and Lifestyle Services
  • Programmes for communal interaction
  • Management of vendor services to complement lifestyle of building occupants
  • Concierge service
  • Organisation of lifestyle enhancement activities
Security Management Services
  • Customised template for selection criteria of security personnel
  • Standing Orders and Standard Operational Procedure Manuals
  • Emergency Procedure and Rescue Training Programme
  • Security evaluation and audit exercise
  • Performance and competence training
  • Crisis recovery
  • 24/7 stand-by service & central monitoring
Defects Resolution Services
  • Identification and record of building defects
  • Assistance in resolving building defects
Project Management Services
  • Conduct of feasibility study of proposed major addition and/or alteration works
  • Examination of feasible property enhancement out of necessity or for ways to improve property value
  • Coordination with specialists, contractors, consultants and local authorities
  • Tender of preparation and contract administration
  • Project supervision and management
  • Cost management
  • Verification and certification of claims for payment
  • Certification of completed work
Audit Services
  • Periodic audit of administration and accounts documents
  • Random and annual audit of service quality and performance
Communications and Publicity Services
  • Newsletter publication
  • Web portal set up and management
  • Publicity for functions
  • Advertisement services